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Journey of Passion and Dedication: Discover the Inspiring Story Behind Our Commitment to Primary Physical Education
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At Primary PE Specialist, we're not just passionate about physical education; we're dedicated to empowering primary school teachers to
become their best. Our range of physical education resources, including planners, lesson plans, and clothing, is designed to inspire and support teachers in their mission to create fun and effective learning environments.

Our Free training program is built around a comprehensive manual that covers all the essential aspects of teaching physical education, including planning, skill development, assessment, and special education needs. This manual is a valuable tool for educators at all levels, providing them with the practical strategies and resources they need to succeed in their classrooms.

To complement the manual, we offer CPD lectures and seminars that provide additional information and support for teaching physical education. These events are led by experienced professionals who are experts in the field, and they offer a great opportunity for educators to learn from their peers and share best practices.

But we don't stop there. We also offer one-on-one or small group mentoring sessions to give educators personalised support and feedback. These sessions are tailored to each educator's needs and goals, and are designed to help them improve their skills and confidence in teaching physical education.

Our company inspires and empowers primary school teachers to create a fun and effective learning environment in their physical education classes. Whether you're a seasoned PE teacher or new to the subject, our range of physical education resources, training, and mentoring services can help take your teaching to the next level. We're here to support you every step of the way, so explore our options and become the best physical education teacher you can be!


Why I decided to create the company

"I founded this company to bridge the gap between what is taught in initial teacher preparation and what primary PE teachers need to feel competent and confident in delivering physical education. My academic research has shown that despite their passion for teaching, many primary school educators need more specialised training and support to provide high-quality PE instruction. By providing tailored resources and mentorship, we aim to empower and inspire these educators to become the best physical education teachers they can be, and to give their students the tools they need to lead healthy, active lives"

My Mission

To transform Primary Physical Education

As Primary PE Specialists, we aim to support and empower PE teachers in creating engaging and joyful physical education lessons. We strive to enhance students' overall physical education experience by providing innovative resources, expert guidance, and professional development opportunities. We aim to inspire a lifelong love for physical activity and wellness in young learners through our dedication, passion, and collaborative approaches. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every child embraces the joy of movement, develops fundamental motor skills, and understands the importance of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Together, we can make physical education a vibrant and transformative part of every student's educational journey.

2023 Onwards
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The Companies Values

At Primary PE Specialists, we are driven by our passion for physical education and its profound impact on children's well-being. We value collaboration, innovation, and creativity, working closely with PE teachers to create inclusive and engaging experiences. Our
student-centred approach prioritises individual needs and fosters a love for movement. We believe in continuous professional growth, respecting diversity, and promoting joy an fun in every lesson. Our commitment to ethical conduct, well-being, and positive impact drives us to make a meaningful difference in the lives of students, teachers, and the broader educational community.