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At Primary Physical Education Specialist, we are deeply passionate about supporting primary PE teachers in their mission to provide quality physical education to young learners. 

Our primary goal is to empower these teachers by offering a comprehensive range of affordable lesson plans, schemes of work, and resources. We understand primary PE teachers' challenges in planning engaging and meaningful physical activities for children. 

That's why we have dedicated ourselves to curating a collection of resources that will assist teachers in their overall PE planning process.

Our meticulously designed lesson plans allow teachers to create dynamic and enjoyable PE experiences promoting physical fitness, skill development, and love for active lifestyles. Our schemes of work provide a structured framework that ensures a progressive and comprehensive approach to PE education. Every child deserves the opportunity to experience the benefits of physical activity, and our mission is to support primary PE teachers in making this a reality. 

Join us in our endeavour to enhance primary PE education and inspire a lifelong passion for health and fitness among young learners.

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Lesson Plans
  • Primary PE Lesson Plans: Explore our comprehensive collection of lesson plans designed for primary PE teachers.
  • Age-specific Lesson Plans: Find lesson plans tailored to different age groups, from early years to upper primary.
  • Sport-specific Lesson Plans: Discover lesson plans focused on specific sports, from football to gymnastics.
Schemes of Work
  • Comprehensive Schemes of Work: Dive into our detailed schemes of work that provide a structured framework for PE education.
  • Curriculum-aligned Schemes of Work: Check out our schemes of work that align with national curriculum standards.
  • Sport-specific Schemes of Work: Browse through our schemes of work dedicated to specific sports.
  • Visual Aids: Enhance your teaching with our range of visual aids designed to make learning more engaging.
  • Interactive Materials: Engage your students with our interactive materials that promote active learning.
  • Assessment Tools: Monitor your students' progress with our easy-to-use assessment tools.
  • Latest Posts: Stay updated with the latest trends and insights in primary physical education.
  • PE Teaching Tips: Get practical tips and advice to enhance your PE teaching.
  • Success Stories: Read about the experiences of other primary PE teachers using our resources.


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