Governments new plan to deliver high quality PE and sport for all pupils


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Revolutionising Physical Education: A New Plan to Boost Access and Quality of PE and Sport for All Students

Government confirms a 2-year plan to boost quality and equal access to PE and sport.

The government has recently announced a new plan to improve the quality and accessibility of Physical Education (PE) and sports in schools. This initiative aims to ensure that all students, particularly girls, have equal opportunities to participate in sports and physical activities. The importance of physical education and sports in children's development cannot be overstated. This initiative aligns with the mission of Primary Physical Education Specialist, a platform dedicated to supporting primary PE teachers and promoting a lifelong love for health and fitness in young learners.

Benefits and Features of the Plan

The School Sport and Activity Action Plan aims to provide equal access and improve the quality of PE and sports for all students. It will increase opportunities for girls' participation in sports and provide competitive and extra-curricular opportunities for all students.

The PE and sport premium will be utilised to improve teacher training and expand the range of sports offered at school. In addition to this, an extra £57 million is already supporting over one thousand schools across England to open sport facilities outside of school hours. This fund is targeted at girls, disadvantaged students, and those with special educational needs and disabilities.

Implementation and Support

The government has published new guidance, including a digital tool to help schools optimise the allocation of funds. The guidance includes detailed case studies and examples of good practice. It also provides resources and programs for students with special educational needs and disabilities and encourages competition and leadership opportunities for girls.

The Impact on Children's Health and Well-being

Regular physical activity has numerous physical and mental health benefits. The new plan aims to help students develop lifelong habits for fitness and well-being. This aligns with the resources and lesson plans provided by Primary Physical Education Specialist, which are designed to ignite a passion for learning and promote physical fitness and skill development.

Future Plans and Recognition

The government is set to publish a new sports strategy that will address inactivity levels and sustainability in the sports sector. Schools that provide equal access for girls will be recognised during the National School Sports Week.


The new plan to improve PE and sports in schools is a significant step towards ensuring equal access and quality PE and sports for all students. It is crucial for everyone to support and participate in the initiatives outlined in the plan. For more resources and support, visit Primary Physical Education Specialist.

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