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As a primary teacher, your role in shaping your students' learning journey is pivotal. Keeping abreast of the latest research and best practices in your field is essential. We are thrilled to offer a range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) options designed to boost your teaching capabilities and equip you with valuable resources.

Primary PE Specialists-Designed Course Offering In-Depth Knowledge and Practical Skills

Our CPD course, developed by Primary PE Specialists, offers a comprehensive curriculum divided into ten modules. These modules cover a wide range of topics, including teaching games for understanding, trampolining, gymnastics, creating fun games, special educational needs in PE, youth development, dance, active learning and assessment, technology in PE, and behaviour management. Each module is carefully crafted to provide you with in-depth knowledge and practical skills.

Engaging Resources and Interactive Learning Opportunities

Throughout the course, you will have access to many resources, including videos, readings, and interactive activities, allowing you to engage with the material effectively. Additionally, you will be able to participate in live online discussions, connecting with your peers and experienced instructors.

Addressing Diverse Needs and Promoting Inclusive Physical Education

Addressing the diverse needs of students, our course includes a significant focus on special educational needs in PE. Through this module, you will learn valuable strategies to support children with physical disabilities, visual impairments, and autism spectrum disorders.

Collaborations with Leading Organisations for Extended Learning Opportunities

Moreover, our CPD offerings extend beyond our course. We collaborate with leading organisations to provide additional professional growth opportunities. You can take advantage of the free online course on our website, developed specifically for primary PE teachers. Additionally, we recommend exploring courses and workshops offered by the Association for Physical Education (AFPE), where you can improve your skills and knowledge in the field.

Empowering Primary Teachers for Exceptional Physical Education Experiences

By availing yourself of these CPD opportunities, you can continue to grow and develop as a primary teacher, providing the best possible education for your students. We encourage you to explore the CPD options available through these organisations and stay up-to-date with the latest practices in the field. Let's empower our primary teachers and ensure exceptional physical education experiences for all students.

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