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Year 3 Dance Lesson Plans Primary PE

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Year 3 Dance Lesson Plans Primary PE" is a comprehensive resource designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of dance. With clear objectives and engaging activities, students will explore various dance styles, learn choreography, and participate in group dances.

Key points of the Year 3 Dance Lesson Plans for Primary PE:

  • Introduction to dance styles and techniques
  • Development of movement skills and understanding of dance elements
  • Weekly topics covering space, time, and energy in dance
  • Culminating in a final performance to showcase students' skills and growth
  • Suitable for physical education classes and integrated curriculum

We have designed our lesson plans to assist students in developing their movement skills and understanding dance elements, including space, time, and energy.

Each week features a different topic, and our program culminates with a final performance to showcase students' skills and growth. Our resources are perfect for physical education classes or anyone looking to introduce dance into their teaching curriculum.

You can expand your teaching curriculum with our comprehensive lesson plans and engage students in the joy of dance.

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Four Key Benefits of the 6-Week Dance Year 3 Scheme of Work and Lesson Plans for PE Teachers

1. Comprehensive Introduction

This 6-week scheme of work provides a comprehensive introduction to dance. It covers the basic elements of dance, different dance styles, the relationship between dance and music, choreography, and group dynamics. This breadth of content gives PE teachers a well-rounded curriculum to work with.

2. Progressive Learning

The scheme of work is designed to progressively build on students' skills and knowledge each week. This structure helps PE teachers guide their students from understanding the basic elements of dance to creating and performing their own dance sequences.

3. Creativity and Expression

The primary PE lesson plans encourages creativity and expression, particularly through music interpretation and choreography. This focus can help PE teachers foster a love of dance in their students and encourage them to express themselves creatively.

4. Performance and Reflection

The final week of the scheme of work is dedicated to performance and reflection. This allows PE teachers to assess their students' understanding and skills, and it gives students the opportunity to reflect on their learning and growth.

Scheme of Work outline for Dance Primary PE Year 3

Weeks 1-2:

Introduction to Dance and Basic Elements of Movement

The first two weeks serve as an introduction to the elements of dance and the relationship between dance and music. Students learn about space, time, and energy, and how these elements influence dance. They also explore how different types of music can inspire movement and rhythm in dance. This foundation is crucial for the more advanced skills they'll learn in the coming weeks.

Week 3-4:

Dance Styles and Choreography

In weeks three and four, students start to explore different dance styles, such as ballet, hip-hop, and jazz. They learn about the unique characteristics and movements associated with each style. They're also introduced to the basics of choreography, learning how to organise movements into a sequence and how to transition smoothly from one movement to the next.

Weeks 5-6:

Group Dance and Performance

The final two weeks are about working as a team and showcasing what they've learned. In week five, students explore the dynamics of group dance, learning about the importance of teamwork and communication. In the final week, each student gets the chance to perform a dance routine that incorporates everything they've learned. This performance not only showcases their skills and understanding of dance but also gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride in their progress.