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Fundamental Movement Lesson Plans Primary PE

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Welcome to our KS1-2 Fundamental Movement Scheme of Work! This comprehensive 6-week program is meticulously designed to nurture and enhance essential movement skills in students. Our scheme zeroes in on developing key areas such as body awareness, locomotor skills, manipulative skills, partner and team skills, and rotation and twisting skills.

Our Fundamental Movement Lesson Plans Primary PE are packed with a variety of engaging activities and challenges. We aim to foster physical and mental growth while equipping students with fundamental skills vital for lifelong participation in physical activity and sports.

Key Benefits of our Fundamental Movement Lesson Plans Primary PE:

  1. Enhanced Body Awareness: Our program promotes self-awareness and helps students understand their bodies' capabilities and limitations. 

  2. Improved Locomotor Skills: Students will enhance their abilities in walking, running, jumping, hopping, skipping, and other fundamental movement patterns. Learn more

  3. Enhanced Manipulative Skills: Through activities involving object control, throwing, catching, striking, and kicking, students will develop excellent hand-eye coordination and precise motor control. 

  4. Enhanced Partner and Team Skills: Students will learn to collaborate, communicate effectively, and work as a team, fostering cooperation and sportsmanship.

  5. Improved Rotation and Twisting Skills: Our program focuses on developing rotational movements, such as twisting, turning, and pivoting, which are essential for various sports and physical activities.

Our program caters to students of all abilities and fitness levels. We offer adaptations and modifications to ensure inclusivity, allowing every student to participate and thrive.

The lessons are designed to be engaging, fun, and age-appropriate, promoting a positive learning environment and fostering a lifelong love for physical activity.

Embark on this exciting journey with our KS1-2 Fundamental Movement Scheme of Work and empower your students with the skills they need for a lifetime of physical fitness and enjoyment.

Let's lay the foundation for their active and healthy futures with our Fundamental Movement Lesson Plans Primary PE!

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Four Key Benefits of using our Lesson Plans and Schemes of Works

1. Improved Physical Literacy

This scheme of work is designed to enhance the physical literacy of Year 3 students. It focuses on fundamental movements such as balance, locomotion, and manipulation, which are essential for the development of more complex physical skills.

2. Increased Confidence and Enjoyment

By gradually introducing new skills and providing plenty of opportunities for practice, this scheme of work helps students gain confidence in their abilities. This increased confidence, in turn, leads to greater enjoyment of physical activities.

3. Alignment with Curriculum Standards

The scheme of work aligns with curriculum standards for Year 3 physical education, ensuring that students are learning the skills they need to meet these standards.

4. Development of a Wide Range of Skills

Over the course of six weeks, students will develop a wide range of physical skills, from body awareness and balance to locomotor and manipulative skills. This broad skill base will serve them well in a variety of physical activities.

Scheme of Work outline for our lesson plans in Fundamental Movements Primary PE 

Weeks 1-2:

Building Body Awareness and Mastering Locomotor Skills

In the first two weeks, students are introduced to the concept of body awareness and balance, and then move on to mastering locomotor skills. They engage in activities that help them understand their bodies better, practice balancing on different surfaces, and explore different ways of moving their bodies, such as walking, running, jumping, skipping, and galloping.

Week 3-4:

Exploring Manipulative Skills and Developing Partner and Team Skills

During these weeks, students are introduced to manipulative skills and then learn about partner and team skills. They learn to manipulate objects through various actions like throwing, catching, kicking, and striking, and practice working together and communicating effectively in physical activities.

Weeks 5-6:

Understanding Rotation and Twisting Skills and Reviewing and Assessment of Skills

In the final two weeks, the focus is on rotation and twisting skills, followed by a review and assessment of all the skills learned over the course of the scheme of work. Students learn how to control their movements to maintain balance during rotation, and then review and apply all the skills they have learned. This period also includes an assessment of each student's progress and skill development.Adaptable Activities for Different Abilities Throughout the six weeks, each activity is designed to be adaptable, with differentiation techniques to accommodate students of different abilities. This ensures that all students can participate and benefit from the scheme of work.

Developing Fundamental Movement Skills

for a Lifetime of Active Living