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Year 3 Athletics Lesson Plans and Schemes of Works Primary PE

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Year 3 Athletics Scheme of Work: Building Foundations for Lifelong Fitness

Welcome to our Year 3 Athletics Scheme of Work! Designed with the National Curriculum for England in mind, our program is perfect for primary schools looking to provide their pupils with a comprehensive, engaging, and fun introduction to athletics.

What We Offer

Our six-week program focuses on the development of fundamental athletic skills: running, throwing, jumping, and catching. Each week, pupils are introduced to new concepts and techniques, with plenty of opportunities for practice and improvement.

Week-by-Week Breakdown

  • Week 1: Introduction to Running Skills
  • Week 2: Developing Basic Running Skills
  • Week 3: Introduction to Throwing Skills
  • Week 4: Developing Basic Throwing Skills
  • Week 5: Introduction to Jumping and Catching Skills
  • Week 6: Developing Basic Jumping and Catching Skills and Assessment

Why Choose Our Program?

  1. Aligned with the National Curriculum: Our program is designed to meet the physical education requirements for Year 3 pupils in England.

  2. Comprehensive: We cover all the basic athletic skills, providing a solid foundation for further development in later years.

  3. Engaging: Our lessons are filled with fun games and activities that keep pupils engaged and excited to learn.

  4. Inclusive: We provide differentiation strategies for each lesson, ensuring that all pupils, regardless of their abilities, can participate and benefit from our program.

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Four Key Benefits of the 6-Weeks Year 4 Athletics Scheme of Works and Lesson Plans for PE Teachers

1. Comprehensive Introduction

This 6-week scheme provides a comprehensive introduction to athletics. It covers the basic concepts of athletics and develops fundamental movement skills through various athletic activities. This breadth of content gives PE teachers a well-rounded curriculum to work with.

2. Differentiation and Inclusive Practice

The scheme is designed with differentiation and inclusive practice in mind. Activities are adapted to suit students of different abilities, and modifications are provided for students with disabilities. This ensures that all students can participate and benefit from the lessons.

3. Skill Development

The lesson plan focuses on the development of key athletic skills such as running, jumping, and throwing. These skills are taught through a variety of activities, allowing students to practice and improve their techniques.

4. Teamwork and Competition

The scheme emphasises teamwork and competition, particularly through relay races and athletic games. This focus can help PE teachers foster a competitive spirit in their students and teach them the importance of teamwork in athletics.

Scheme of Work Outline for Athletics Primary PE

Weeks 1-2:

Scheme of Work Outline

Running Skills: In the first two weeks, pupils are introduced to the different types of running, such as sprinting, long-distance running, and relay races. They learn about the different techniques involved in each type of running. For example, sprinting requires a strong start, a powerful stride, and good arm carriage. Long-distance running requires a steady pace and good endurance. Relay races require teamwork and coordination. Pupils also get to practice identifying the different types of running and create a running obstacle course.

Week 3-4:

Throwing Skills

In weeks 3 and 4, pupils are introduced to throwing. They learn about the different types of throws and the techniques involved in each. They also get to practice their throwing skills in a variety of activities. For example, they might participate in a game of dodgeball, where they have to throw balls at targets or other players. They also learn about the importance of accuracy and power in throwing.

Weeks 5-6:

Jumping and Catching Skills

In the final two weeks, pupils are introduced to jumping and catching. They learn about the different types of jumps and the techniques involved in each. They also get to practice their jumping and catching skills in various activities. For example, they might participate in a game of catch, where they have to catch balls thrown by their peers. They also learn the importance of coordination and timing in jumping and catching. In the final week, pupils are assessed on their running, throwing, jumping, and catching skills.

This scheme of work is designed to be engaging and fun for Year 3 pupils while also introducing them to the basic skills and concepts of athletics. It can be adapted as needed to suit your pupils' specific needs and abilities.