A Comprehensive Guide to Primary P.E. Planning


A Comprehensive Guide to Primary P.E. Planning

Planning is a crucial aspect of effective Physical Education (PE) teaching. A well-structured plan ensures that your lessons align with the curriculum, cater to your student's needs, and contribute to their overall physical development. This comprehensive guide explores the key elements of primary P.E. planning.

Understanding the Curriculum

Start by familiarising yourself with the National Curriculum for PE. This will help you understand the required standards and areas of focus for each year group.

Setting Clear Objectives

Define what your students will learn in each lesson, unit, and year. Clear objectives guide your lesson planning and help you measure students' progress.

Planning Engaging Lessons

Plan lessons that engage all students and promote active participation. This could involve various activities, including team sports, individual exercises, and outdoor adventures.

Differentiating Instruction

Differentiate your instruction to cater to your students' diverse abilities and needs. This ensures that all students can participate and make progress.

Assessing and Tracking Progress

Regular assessment helps you understand how well your students are learning and progressing. You can use this information to adjust your instruction and provide feedback to students and parents.

Primary Physical Education provides a wide range of resources to support your primary P.E. planning.

What are your strategies for primary P.E. planning? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below!


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