Helping Special Education Needs pupils with our Lesson Plans and Courses


Helping Special Education Needs pupils with our Lesson Plans and Courses

At Primary Physical Education Specialist, we believe in the power of inclusive education. Our mission is to equip teachers with the resources and knowledge they need to deliver high-quality physical education (PE) to all students, regardless of their individual needs. One of our key initiatives is our Special Educational Needs (SEN) Lesson Plans for Primary PE.

SEND Lesson Plans: A Focus on Inclusive Physical Education

Our SEN lesson plans are crafted to cater to each student's unique needs. They are about teaching physical education, fostering an inclusive environment, promoting individual abilities, and encouraging physical fitness. Each lesson plan provides a balanced mix of learning and play, ensuring your students develop essential physical skills while enjoying the process.

Progressive Schemes of Work for SEN Primary PE

We also offer progressive Schemes of Work for SEN Primary PE. These schemes provide a framework that allows students to build on their skills week by week. Each scheme is designed to develop a strong foundation in physical education, promote collaboration and teamwork, and cultivate an appreciation for physical activity. You can explore our comprehensive collection of SEN Lesson Plans here.

Free Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Courses for Primary Teachers

In addition to our lesson plans and schemes of work, we also offer free continuous professional development (CPD) courses for primary teachers. These courses, developed by Primary PE Specialists, cover a wide range of topics, including teaching games for understanding, trampolining, gymnastics, creating fun games, special educational needs in PE, youth development, dance, active learning and assessment, technology in PE, and behaviour management. You can access our free courses here.

Adaptable Resources for Personalised Learning

We understand that differentiation and personalisation are key in physical education planning. That's why our resources are designed to be adaptable, allowing teachers to tailor the activities to suit the needs of their learners. Whether you're a seasoned PE teacher or new to teaching students with special educational needs, our resources provide the guidance and support you need.

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continually improving and expanding our offerings to meet the evolving needs of teachers and students. We are currently creating more lesson plans and resources to further support teachers working with SEND children. Stay tuned for more updates!

By providing these resources and opportunities, we aim to help primary teachers to deliver exceptional physical education experiences for all students. We believe that every child can enjoy and benefit from physical education with the right tools and support. Join us in our mission to make physical education accessible, enjoyable, and beneficial for all students.


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