Implementing a Successful Scheme of Work for Primary PE


Implementing a Successful Scheme of Work for Primary PE

A well-planned scheme of work is essential for delivering high-quality Physical Education (PE) lessons. It provides a structured roadmap of what to teach and when to teach it, ensuring a comprehensive and balanced PE curriculum. In this post, we will explore key considerations in implementing a successful scheme of work for Primary PE.

Understanding a Scheme of Work

A scheme of work is a detailed plan of what will be covered in each PE lesson over a set period. It includes the learning objectives, content, teaching strategies, resources, and assessment methods for each lesson.

Key Considerations for a Successful Scheme of Work

Creating and implementing a successful scheme of work requires careful planning and execution. Here are a few key considerations:

Align with the National Curriculum

Ensure that your scheme of work aligns with the National Curriculum for PE. This will ensure that you cover all necessary areas and meet the required standards.

Consider the Needs of Your Students

Take into account the abilities, interests, and needs of your students. This will help you plan lessons that are engaging, accessible, and challenging for all students.

Include a Variety of Activities

Incorporate a wide range of activities to develop different physical skills and cater to various interests. This could include team sports, individual skills, dance, and outdoor activities.

Plan for Assessment

Include regular assessments to track students' progress and inform future instruction. This could involve formative assessments during lessons and summative assessments at the end of a unit.

At Primary Physical Education, we offer a range of resources to support the implementation of a successful scheme of work for Primary PE.

How do you plan and implement your scheme of work for PE? Share your strategies and experiences in the comments below!


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