Delivering Outstanding Physical Education with the PE Passport


Delivering Outstanding Physical Education with the PE Passport

Physical Education (PE) is vital to the school curriculum, promoting physical fitness, social skills, and a love for sports. However, planning and assessing PE can be a challenging task. Enter the PE Passport - a unique tool designed to simplify the process of delivering high-quality PE lessons in primary schools.

Understanding the PE Passport

The PE Passport is a portable app developed by PE specialists with years of experience in teaching. It offers extensive features, including long, medium, and short-term plans, assessment tools, full national curriculum coverage, multi-media storage, and more. This mobile application is designed to help all Primary School teachers deliver enjoyable, active, and high-quality PE sessions, tracking pupils' achievements from Reception to Year 6.

Comprehensive Lesson Plans

The PE Passport provides a curriculum of interactive PE lessons for each year group. Each lesson contains clear, progressive learning objectives, differentiated activities, and videos to support the narrative.

Easy Assessment and Tracking

The app simplifies the assessment process, providing tools for tracking students' progress. This feature helps teachers quickly monitor individual progress within the curriculum, while coordinators can track levels of participation and competition in extra-curricular clubs, events, and competitions.

Time-Saving Solution

The PE Passport is a time-saving solution for teachers, offering ready-to-use lesson plans and assessment tools. This feature allows teachers to focus more on delivering lessons and less on planning and assessment.

How Can the PE Passport Help You?

The PE Passport is a versatile tool that can be used by teachers, pupils, subject leaders, and senior leaders.


The PE Passport provides teachers with a comprehensive range of lesson plans based on the National Curriculum 2014. The app's portability allows teachers to record multimedia to support their judgements on standards and to use for assessment for learning (AFL) in subsequent sessions.


Pupils benefit from a broad, balanced, and high-quality curriculum. The PE Passport aims to help children become physically literate with transferable skills. It also emphasises intra-school competition, enabling children to apply the skills they've learned and develop a sporting attitude.

Subject Leaders

Subject leaders can log in and access evidence of teaching and learning across the whole school. They can use the assessment results to plan how to spend next year's budget by addressing any areas of weakness through continuous professional development (CPD) or resources.

Senior Leaders

The PE Passport helps senior leaders demonstrate standards and progress in learning, participation, and competition over time. With all the evidence at their fingertips, reporting to governors and compiling the Sports Premium report becomes much easier.

At Primary Physical Education, we are passionate about supporting teachers in delivering outstanding PE lessons. Discover more about the PE Passport and how it can enhance your PE teaching experience.

Have you used the PE Passport in your teaching? Share your experiences and insights in the comments below!

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