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Inclusive Games: Year 3 Lesson Plans Primary PE

Our Year 3 Lesson Plans focus on the theme of Inclusion Games. Over 6 weeks, students delve into the world of inclusive physical activity, understanding the importance of inclusivity in sports, games, dance, and fitness. The program nurtures cooperation, creativity, and inclusiveness, cultivating a mindset of empathy and acceptance.

Benefits of Inclusive Games

Students build physical skills and foster social and emotional growth through engaging activities. They learn to appreciate and value diversity, celebrate individual strengths, and collaborate with others in a spirit of inclusivity.

Invasion Games Lesson Plans Primary PE

Unlock the potential of your students in invasion games with our comprehensive 6-week lesson pack. Students develop their technical abilities through engaging activities, small-sided games, and strategic exercises and foster teamwork and effective communication.

Skill Development through Invasion Games

Each week focuses on introducing and honing specific skills, ensuring students have a solid foundation in the fundamental techniques required for invasion games. The final assessment enables you to assess individual progress and evaluate students' understanding of invasion game concepts, allowing for targeted feedback and further development.

PE Games Lesson Plans, Scheme of Works and Resources

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