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Gymnastics Lesson Plans Primary PE Year 3

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Our Year 3 Gymnastics Lesson Plans and Schemes of Works is a comprehensive 6-week program designed to align with key stage 2 objectives. This program is perfect for students of all levels who want to master the fundamentals of gymnastics.

Key Features:

  1. Development of Fundamental Movement Skills: The program focuses on developing essential gymnastics skills, ensuring students understand the foundations of gymnastics and safety protocols.

  2. Understanding of Key Gymnastics Concepts: As the lessons progress, students will learn to combine various elements into cohesive and impressive routines, building upon their skills and understanding of key gymnastics concepts.

  3. Improvement of Physical Fitness: Our program promotes regular practice and participation in gymnastics activities, improving students' physical fitness and targeting specific fitness components.

  4. Promotion of Personal Development: The scheme fosters personal development in students, encouraging them to set goals, develop positive attitudes, and strive for continuous improvement.

  5. Engaging Lessons and Fun Homework Challenges: Our lessons are designed to be interactive and enjoyable, with diverse activities and games to engage students. Homework challenges provide opportunities for practice and improvement.

  6. Ongoing Skill Development through Assessment and Feedback: We regularly assess students' progress and provide constructive feedback, enabling improvement and development of their gymnastics abilities.

By the end of the 6 weeks, students will have gained confidence in flipping, tumbling, and vaulting, and will have a deep understanding of the fundamentals of gymnastics. This dynamic and engaging approach to gymnastics education makes our Year 3 Gymnastics Lesson Plans and Schemes of Works a valuable resource for any primary physical education curriculum.

For students who have completed this program and are ready to take their skills to the next level, consider progressing to our Year 4 Gymnastics Lesson Plan.

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Four Key Benefits of the 6-Week Year 3 Gymnatics Scheme of Works for PE Teachers

1. Progressive Learning

This 6-week scheme of work provides a progressive approach to teaching gymnastics. Each week builds upon the last, allowing students to gradually develop their skills and understanding. This structure can help PE teachers by providing a clear roadmap for instruction.

2. Skill Development

The lesson plan focuses on the development of key gymnastics skills such as balance, body control, floor work, tumbling, and vaulting. These skills are broken down into manageable parts and taught through drills and exercises. This focus on skill development can assist PE teachers in ensuring that students gain the necessary competencies to perform gymnastics effectively.

3. Creativity and Performance

The lesson plan emphasiSes the importance of creativity and performance in gymnastics. Students get the chance to apply their skills in a creative way by creating short routines, and they also get to perform these routines. This focus can help PE teachers instil these crucial aspects of gymnastics in their students.

4. Assessment

The final week of the lesson plan is dedicated to assessment. This allows PE teachers to evaluate the students' understanding and skills in a performance setting, providing valuable feedback on the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process. It also helps identify areas where further instruction or practice may be needed.

Scheme of Work outline for Gymnastics Primary PE Year 3

Weeks 1-2:

Scheme of Work Outline

Introduction and Basics The first two weeks serve as an introduction to gymnastics. Students get familiar with the equipment, safety guidelines, and the basic principles of gymnastics. They learn about different events like floor, beam, and vault. The focus in these weeks is on basic positions and movements, and developing balance and body control. This foundation is crucial for the more advanced skills they'll learn in the coming weeks.

Week 3-4:

Skill Development

In weeks three and four, students start to develop more specific gymnastic skills. They work on floor work and tumbling, learning through exercises, drills, and simple tumbling sequences. In the fourth week, they're introduced to vaulting, again through exercises, drills, and simple vaulting sequences. These weeks are all about building on the foundation from the first two weeks and starting to develop more advanced skills.

Weeks 5-6:

Combining Skills and Performance

The final two weeks are about combining the skills they've learned and applying them in a performance setting. In week five, students work in small groups to create short routines that combine different elements of gymnastics. In the final week, each student performs a short routine that showcases their skills and understanding of gymnastics. These weeks give students the chance to apply what they've learned in a more creative and challenging way. This 6-week scheme of work provides a comprehensive introduction to gymnastics, starting with the basics and gradually building up to more advanced skills and performance. It's a great way for PE teachers to introduce their students to this sport in a structured and progressive way.