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Year 3 Striking and fielding Lesson Plans Primary PE Planning

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This 6-week lesson plan pack for striking and fielding in Primary PE is designed for Year 3 students, aiming to introduce the basic rules and skills of the games like cricket and rounders.

The focus is on developing key skills; These are the outcomes of the 6 lessons  

Key Stage 1 :

  • Develop the basic skills in games and improve performance.
  • Expand pupil's knowledge and understanding of rules and regulations in various sports.
  • Allow pupils to socialise and develop leadership and teamwork qualities.
  • Perform and incorporate fundamental movements into game-based activities.

This comprehensive lesson pack offers engaging and interactive learning experiences. Students will participate in skill-building drills, games, and periodic assessments to reinforce their understanding and application of concepts.

Invest in this 6-week lesson pack for remarkable progress. Year 3 students develop striking and fielding skills, teamwork, and game strategies.

Empower educators and students with this resource for a positive learning environment.

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Four Key Benefits of the 6-Week Striking and Fielding Scheme of Works and Lesson Plans for PE Teachers

1. Structured Learning

This 6-week scheme of work provides a structured and systematic approach to teaching striking and fielding games. Each week builds upon the last, allowing students to gradually develop their skills and understanding. This structure can help PE teachers by providing a clear roadmap for instruction.

2. Skill Development

The lesson plan focuses on the development of key skills such as batting, fielding, and base running. These skills are broken down into manageable parts and taught through drills and games. This focus on skill development can assist PE teachers in ensuring that students gain the necessary competencies to play striking and fielding games effectively.

4. Teamwork and Strategy

The lesson plan emphasises the importance of teamwork and strategy in striking and fielding games. This focus can help PE teachers instil these crucial aspects of sports in their students, which are transferable skills beneficial in many areas of life

4. Assessment

The final week of the lesson plan is dedicated to assessment. This allows PE teachers to evaluate the students' understanding and skills in a game setting, providing valuable feedback on the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process. It also helps identify areas where further instruction or practice may be needed.

Scheme of Work outline for Striking and Fielding Primary PE Year 3

Weeks 1-2:

Scheme of Work Outline

Laying the foundations:

We introduce the basics of striking and fielding games in the first two weeks. We start with the rules and skills, focusing on batting and fielding. Students learn how to hold a bat, hit a ball, and catch, as well as the basics of shot selection and footwork. By the end of the second week, they'll have a solid foundation and a good understanding of the game's mechanics.

Week 3-4:

Building Skills

Weeks three and four are all about skill development. We delve deeper into fielding skills, teaching students how to field ground balls, fly balls, and throws. We also introduce base running, teaching students how to run effectively and safely, round the bases, slide, and avoid collisions. By the end of the fourth week, students will have a comprehensive set of skills that they can apply in games.

Weeks 5-6:

Team Play and Assessment:

The final two weeks are dedicated to team play and assessment. Students get the chance to apply their skills in a team setting, learning about teamwork and strategy in striking and fielding games. The final week is dedicated to assessment, where students demonstrate their understanding and skills in a game setting. By the end of the sixth week, students will have a well-rounded understanding of striking and fielding games, focusing on teamwork and strategy.