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Gymnastics Lesson Plans Primary PE Year 4

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Welcome to our Gymnastics Lesson Plans Primary PE Year 4! This comprehensive program is designed to develop fundamental movement skills and creative expression through gymnastics, aligning with Key Stage 2 objectives. The scheme incorporates key concepts such as physical and mental development, decision-making, personal development, and evaluation.

Key information about our Gymnastics Lesson Plans Primary PE Year 4:

  1. Weekly Themes: Our program covers various aspects of gymnastics, including introduction, balance and coordination, floor work, vaulting, routine creation, and review. 

  2. Diverse Activities: We offer a range of activities and small-sided games to reinforce skills and engage students.

  3. Skill Enhancement: Our program enhances fundamental movement skills, balance, coordination, and proficiency in floor work and vaulting.

  4. Creative Expression: We encourage creative expression and collaboration through group gymnastics routine creation.

  5. Comprehensive Review: The final week includes a comprehensive review and assessment to provide feedback and identify areas for improvement.

Throughout the six-week program, students will develop their physical abilities, improve their balance and coordination, and acquire basic floor work and vaulting skills.

Our Gymnastics Lesson Plans Primary PE Year 4 offers a dynamic and engaging approach to gymnastics education in Primary Physical Education.

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Four Key Benefits of the 6-Week Year 4 Gymnastics Scheme of Works for PE Teachers

Development of Fundamental Movement Skills

The scheme of work focuses on the development of fundamental movement skills, which are crucial for gymnastics performance. These skills include body awareness, spatial awareness, balance, and flexibility, which form the basis of most gymnastics routines.

Understanding of Key Gymnastics Concepts

The lesson pack introduces students to key gymnastics concepts such as the importance of physical and mental capacity, effective decision-making and problem-solving, personal development, and the ability to evaluate and improve performance. This understanding is crucial for students to improve their gymnastics performance and to apply these concepts in other areas of their lives.

Improvement of Physical Fitness

Through regular practice and participation in gymnastics activities, students can improve their physical fitness. This includes improvements in flexibility, strength, endurance, and coordination, all of which are important for gymnastics performance and overall health.

Promotion of Personal Development

The scheme of work promotes personal development by encouraging students to set goals, develop positive attitudes, deal with setbacks, and strive for continuous improvement. These skills are not only important in gymnastics but also in students' personal and academic lives.

Scheme of Work Outline for Gymnastics Primary PE Year 4

Weeks 1-2:

Introduction to Gymnastics and Balance and Coordination

The first two weeks serve as an introduction to gymnastics and the development of balance and coordination. Students will understand the importance of gymnastics and the basic elements involved. They will also learn about balance and coordination, which are crucial for performing gymnastics skills.

Week 3-4:

Floor Work and Vaulting

During weeks three and four, students will focus on developing their floor work and vaulting skills. They will learn about floor work and vaulting in gymnastics and practice basic skills such as forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, running jumps, squat-ons, and handspring drills.

Weeks 5-6:

Routine Creation and Review and Assessment

The final two weeks focus on routine creation and review and assessment. Students will have opportunities to express themselves creatively through gymnastics and develop their ability to work collaboratively with their peers. In the final week, students will participate in a review and assessment where they will receive feedback on their development in gymnastics and identify areas for further improvement.