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Scheme of Work and Lesson Plans: Year 5 Key Stage 2 Primary PE Dance

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Introducing our comprehensive 6-week dance scheme of work explicitly designed for Year 5 Key Stage 2 Dance students. This scheme of work and lesson plans aims to inspire creativity, movement, and a love for dance among students while enhancing their physical education experience.

Key Benefits:

  1. Introduction to Dance: Students will be introduced to the fundamental elements of dance, building a strong foundation for their future exploration in this art form.
  2. Skill Development: Through engaging activities, students will develop their flexibility, strength, technique, control, balance, and coordination in dance.
  3. Movement Exploration: Students will have the opportunity to explore various movement patterns, rhythms, and beats, fostering their creative expression and individuality.
  4. Choreography and Dance Styles: Students will learn about choreography principles and be exposed to different dance styles, expanding their knowledge and appreciation of dance as an art form.
  5. Final Performance: The scheme culminates in a final dance performance and celebration, allowing students to showcase their progress, teamwork, and achievements.

Our scheme of work and lesson plans provide a structured and progressive approach to dance education, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded and enjoyable learning experience. With a focus on fostering creativity, physical development, and self-expression, this scheme is designed to ignite a lifelong passion for dance in Year 5 students.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or require additional information. We are here to support you in delivering dynamic and impactful dance lessons in your primary PE curriculum.

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Four Key Benefits of the 6-Week Dance Year 5 Scheme of Work and Lesson Plans for PE Teachers

1. Development of Fundamental Dance Skills

The scheme of work focuses on the development of fundamental dance skills, such as rhythm, coordination, and expression. These skills form the basis of most dance styles and are crucial for students to improve their performance.

2. Understanding of Key Dance Concepts

The scheme of work introduces students to key dance concepts such as the importance of movement patterns, timing, and energy. This understanding is crucial for students to improve their dance performance and to apply these concepts in other areas of their lives.

3. Improvement of Physical Fitness

Through regular practice and participation in dance activities, students can improve their physical fitness. This includes improvements in flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination, all of which are important for dance performance and overall health.

4. Promotion of Personal Development

The scheme promotes personal development by encouraging students to set goals, develop positive attitudes, deal with setbacks, and strive for continuous improvement. These skills are not only important in dance but also in students' personal and academic lives.

Scheme of Work outline for Dance Primary PE Year 5

Weeks 1-2:

Introduction to Dance and Basic Elements of Movement

The first two weeks serve as an introduction to dance and the basic elements of movement. Students will understand the importance of dance and the basic skills and rules involved. They will also learn about physical preparation in dance, which is crucial for performing dance skills.

Week 3-4:

Rhythm, Beat, and Choreography

During weeks three and four, students will focus on understanding rhythm and beat in dance and creating their own choreography. They will learn about the key skills and techniques required for these dance elements. They will also learn techniques for making effective decisions and solving problems in dance.

Weeks 5-6:

Dance Styles, Group Dance, and Final Performance

The final two weeks focus on exposing students to different dance styles, creating a group dance, and performing a final dance routine. Students will have opportunities to develop their communication, teamwork, and leadership skills while participating in dance. In the final week, students will participate in a final performance where they will receive feedback on their development in dance and identify areas for further improvement.