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Key stage 1 Dance Lesson Plan and Scheme of Work Primary PE

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Welcome to our 6-week World Dance Scheme of Work for KS1 and 2 students! In this program, students will be introduced to the concept of world dance and the diversity of dance styles from various cultures. They will develop an understanding of the cultural context and significance of world dance and have the opportunity to showcase their style and creativity.

What our KS1 Dance Lesson Plans and Schemes of works for Primary PE consists of:

Throughout the program, students will participate in warm-ups, introductions, and activities incorporating dance steps and movements from various world dance styles, such as salsa, bhangra, and tango. They will also have the chance to create and perform their dance routines and play dance games incorporating world dance style and technique.

Each lesson is designed to be interactive and engaging, focusing on developing proper technique and style. Our experienced instructors will provide more explicit instruction and support as needed, and differentiation techniques will be used to accommodate the varying skill levels of our students.

By the end of the program, students will have gained a deeper appreciation and understanding of world dance and be able to demonstrate and apply their knowledge and skills through performance. Join us for this exciting journey into the world of dance!

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Four Key Benefits of the 6-Week Dance Scheme for Year 3

Holistic Development

The 6-week dance scheme is designed to promote holistic development in Year 3 students. By integrating different dance styles, the scheme allows PE teachers to engage students in a comprehensive exploration of dance, thereby enhancing their physical skills and artistic expression.

Focus on Essential Dance Skills

The scheme of work places a strong emphasis on the development of essential dance skills. These include understanding the basic concepts of dance, performing basic movements of different dance styles, and expressing themselves through movement. This comprehensive approach ensures that students develop a wide range of skills, thereby enhancing their overall dance competence.

Promotion of Creativity and Expression

The scheme of work incorporates activities that foster creativity and expression. These skills are crucial not only in the context of dance but also in students' social and academic lives.

Inclusive and Differentiated Approach

The scheme is designed to be inclusive, accommodating students of varying abilities. Differentiation strategies are used to ensure that all students can participate and benefit from the activities, regardless of their skill level.

Scheme of Work outline for our lesson plans in Dance Primary PE 

Weeks 1-2:

Introduction to Dance and Ballet

The first two weeks serve as an introduction to the basic concepts of dance and ballet. Students will understand the elements of dance (time, space, dynamics, and relationships), and practice basic ballet positions (plié, tendu, jeté). The activities are designed to be inclusive, with differentiation techniques for students of varying abilities.

Week 3-4:

Introduction to Jazz and Hip Hop

During weeks three and four, students are introduced to jazz and hip hop. They will understand the basic style and rhythms of jazz dance, practice basic jazz movements (isolations, pliés, kicks), and learn about the basic style and rhythms of hip-hop dance. These weeks are all about building on the foundation laid during the first two weeks and starting to develop more advanced skills.

Weeks 5-6:

Introduction to World Dance and Review & Assessment

The final two weeks focus on the introduction to world dance and review & assessment. Students will understand the diversity of dance styles and cultures worldwide, and be able to perform a simple world dance routine. The last week serves as a review and assessment period, where students' progress is evaluated, and areas for improvement are identified. This allows students to showcase their understanding and skill development and gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride in their progress.